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My chihuahua Emilio had the Rabies vaccine when he was 6 months old. 2 months later his ear pinna began to crust up and scab and the edges were peeling off leaving notches in his ears. I took him back to the vet and he was diagnosed with vasculitis.

So I researched it, and found the there is a type of vasculitis cause by a reaction to the Rabies vaccine. I went back to my vet and told him, and he argued that it had nothing to do with the vaccine. A few weeks later we once again went in for a re-check, and the vet said, "I guess he won't be getting the Rabies vaccine anymore". So I asked him and he had researched it and found what I said was true. But I was told it is "very rare" and he had never before seen it in his practice.

Fast forward about 6 years. I got Misha vaccinated at 7 months for Rabies. 2 months later and her ear pinna started crusting up and they itch intensley. Its not mange. The bridge of her nose started scabbing up. Guess what? You guessed it, vasculitis caused by the Rabies vaccine.

If it is that rare, how do 2 of my dogs have it???

Now I have the dilemma of treating the vasculitis with drugs that are not safe for a dog with MVD. But she is miserable.
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