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rain - rain - rain - rain infront - rain behind - rain ontop - rain underneath - rain left -rain right - rain rain ...and nothing but RAAAAIIIINNN


it's been raining for days...and days and days....aeerggggg....

we don't want ANY more of that silly old stinky winky pheeew stuffff

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Poor little Heini. Mine hate rain, but then so do I. Hope it becomes sunny and beautiful for you both soon!
Wishing you days of sunshine soon.

Becky, the video was great. You really have an eye for detail.
OMG, :OMG!: poor Heini boy! So sad to see you in all that stinky, winky, old rain! :Bad day:

Come to the north, we've the sunshine here right now!
Try to send you the sun, just wait!
Here it comes: :Sunny Smile::Sunny Smile::Sunny Smile::Sunny Smile::Sunny Smile::Sunny Smile::Sunny Smile::Sunny Smile::Sunny Smile:

Alexandra :Flowers 2:
awwh poor Heini boy

Sending :Sunny Smile: days wishes to your way....

thank you for the sunshine :)

heini is in his basket all snuggled up, we have the heating on, and I made hot chocolate for myself.
I think that is the only way to survive the next few days.

GO HOME rain!!!!!
Rain rain go away! Come again some other day! :D Maybe it'll work!! ;)

I loved the video.. beautiful.. except for the cowdung.. lol yuck!! and Heini is just too cute!! Love that boy...
GO HOME rain!!!!!
...or come to Kat and the malts :HistericalSmiley: ... we miss you; we seriously do :HistericalSmiley:

heini is in his basket all snuggled up, we have the heating on, and I made hot chocolate for myself.
aaaaah !! now that sounds cosy and nice :thumbsup:B)
I hate all that rain, too!! But I LOVED your video - you are so creative!! I never heard that song before but I really liked it and in your video the water coming out of the spout was moving to the music!!! LOL But, the star of the video was Heini, but he didn't look too thrilled.

Thanks for sharing and I hope sunshine is on it's way to you both.

Becky you made rain magical, I enjoyed your video, now I have to go back and watch it again:biggrin:
Poor Heini, he's sooooo wet:HistericalSmiley: Matilda would never even give it a thought to go outside in the rain, oh my goodness she just might get her little princess feet wet:HistericalSmiley:she hates it
I have always hated rain, makes me depressed and I want to stay in my pj's and just veg.
Wet or dry. Freshly bathed or a bit grubby from an outdoor adventure. Heini is the best! I love seeing his adventures.
Kitzel says Heini should come over and play----we have hot, hot, hot!
Awwww, sweet Heini and Becky.:Bad day: Come to NYC and play with Tyler in the sun. The weather's beautiful here. :Sunny Smile:
I love that sweet little shot of Heini and your video was great. Never heard the song but how perfect. I didn't know if the last shot was Heini dung or cow dung :blush: It looked kind of small for a cow. :HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley: I've been seeing news reports of flooding in Europe. I guess it's pretty widespread. Stay warm and stay safe.:smootch:
oh how depressing although I love the musi :w00t: we too are having sooo much rainfall when it is supposed to be summer . . . I guess the weather is all messed up this year :blink:

Heini is still so cute even when totally drenched :wub:
Oh, dear! Heini doesn't look happy at all!! I hope the sun will come out soon!!!!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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