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I know I can go everywhere with my dog in France. My problem is going from Houston to Paris. Air France accepts small dogs inside the cabin and there is no quarantine in France. BUT, I cannot stand it thinking that Alex would have to stay for 10 hours under the seat. There is not much space between rows as it is and with a dog in a carrier in front of you where are you going to put your feet ? And beware of the window seat. There is not enough space to put your pet carrier under. It used to be soooo nice 20 years ago. They let you take out your pet and keep it on your lap during the flight. They even asked you if you wanted something to drink or eat for your dog. NOW, it stinks. We have not been to France together (my husband and me) because of Alex. We don't want to put him either in boarding. It just breaks my heart to know he would be here all alone. He has never been in boarding. I would not enjoy my stay because I would be thinking about him all the time. It's sad. All my family in France loves dogs and he would be welcome everywhere.
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