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Originally posted by bellasmommy+Oct 12 2005, 09:48 AM-->
@Oct 11 2005, 01:40 PM
My favorite thing to do is mix a box of hot tamales in with my hot popcorn and it is sooooo good.....anyone else try this? The candy gets warm and chewy.....

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I mix Goobers (chocolate covered peanuts) into my popcorn, soooo good!
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MMMmmmm. Goobers sounds good! I used to put M&M's into my Popcorn and loved the sweet-salty combo. Like when we used to put salted peanuts into our bottled cokes. Heaven!

Does anyone here sneak food into the theatre? My friends and I occassionally meet after work a catch a movie. For one's birthday we ate at California Pizza, then brought a bottle of cold champagne and Godiva truffles into the theatre for our movie snacks. Plastic champagne glasses and all! Other times we will stop and get deli soup, sandwiches, hummus, whatever, and quietly eat while watching the movie. So far, no one has ratted us out or complained. The theatre is usually sparsely populated at the times we go.

There are actually two theatres here in San Antonio that sell real even has a waiter that brings it to you in the theatre. Never tried that, though.
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