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Originally posted by Shada@Jul 2 2005, 03:35 PM
I now have the dog bowls, a harness, leash, and I just bought a pet carrier on Ebay.. still looking at the pet strollers! All I am lacking is the pup! Gee, I hope when I get my forever maltese, that he/she will fit this stuff!! LOL..
Also I am doing a ton of research on this breed. All you guys are great. I have learned so much, which has made my decision to get a maltese easier. It will still be awhile, but when the time comes I will be ready. 

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I certainly know how you feel! I don't get my furbaby until the end of the month, but I've already bought her playpen, crate, leash, harness, pottypads, and toys! I need to buy her more, or course,
but something needs to help me pass the time until her arrival! It's just too much fun shopping for our babies, isn't it?
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