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ex pens

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I am planning to buy an ex pen (Seabreeze petite pens) and was wondering if an 18" one would be high enough? I've heard of some dags being climbers and escape artists... :lol: Maltese aren't really climbers are they?
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I have the 24" high one. I think it depends on if you are leaving the puppy in there when you are gone. If so I would recommend no shorter then 24", just to be safe.
I would get a taller one too. Mine is 24 inches high, and Peanut's never been able to jump over, but when he stands up he can get pretty close to the top.
Mine is 30". I have two - one for each puppy. My dogs will be 8 months old next week and they have never shown any interest in trying to jump out. I love mine because it has the waterproof canvas bottom. Here is a link for the mat, but shows what the whole setup looks like.
Abby has a 24" one too... she never tries to get out!
I have the same pen as Ms. Magnolia and I would definitely recommend the 30" height. My puppy isn't a climber, but I would hate to find that out the hard way. I really like this pen because of the mat. It has saved my tumbled marble floor from sure ruin. Ferret Store was very easy to work with and they keep sending me coupons for my next order.
Originally posted by msmagnolia@Mar 2 2005, 04:01 PM
Mine is 30".  I have two - one for each puppy.  My dogs will be 8 months old next week and they have never shown any interest in trying to jump out.  I love mine because it has the waterproof canvas bottom.  Here is a link for the mat, but shows what the whole setup looks like.
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Do you have the 8 panel one? How heavy is it when folded up? And is it easy to put together, put away?
I have 2 of the 8 panel style with small mats. I also have the 3 extra panels and the large mat, but never use that. The small pen is plenty big enough for my girls. It is very easy to put up. From start to finish it takes about 2 minutes. The mat helps to hold the whole thing together so it won't tip over when the puppy stands up against the side. I set my two pens up side by side. I could probably use the large pen and put both dogs in it, but I like them being apart when I'm not home. Less chance of trouble that way! The panels are all hooked together and are stored accordian style. You just pop it up and attach three hooks on one side. I'd say it weighs 15 pounds. It isn't terribly heavy, but it isn't flimsy.
I don't know if this helps, but we traveled a few weeks ago and stayed at a wonderful resort. We brought the puppy, her cabana and her ex-pen (which my kids now call the gazeebo). The hotel loved the fact that their carpet was protected by the mat. The manager of the hotel even told us that he was going to order a few to keep on hand for guests with small dogs. I think it took us two minutes the first time we set it up, but now we can get it together in under a minute. We have a second home, and the ex-pen comes with us whenever we go. It is very, very easy...and next to my Juicy bag (I had to throw that in) probably the best purchase we made for the puppy. I didn't order the extra panels or the larger mat and I don't think we'll need it. Our pup has pleanty of room for her cabana (vari-kennel 100), food and water dishes, and tons of toys. If you are planning to use wee-wee pads, you can position them under the crate (if you're using one) and the end of the panels. That way the puppy really cannot move the pad. We aren't using pads, but had to the other evening because our pup had a bit of an upset stomach after her spay.
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I have everything from the super light weight (similiar to seabreeze), plastic to huge heavy mental ex-pens. I find the one I used most often are these things called SuperYards. They seem to work really well and are light enough to carry around but heavy enough so the kids can't move them around.

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