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Excellent potty training opportunity

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I got Izzy out of her playpen and we were playing chase and catch. We were running back and forth in the kitchen and I decided to put away lunch dishes and as I was carrying a pan and lid to the cupboard, I saw her squat and start to pee. I immediately yelped loudly and flung the pan on the counter top in order to grab her, which made a huge racket. I was hollering, the pan was clattering and she stopped in mid stream and stood astonished while still holding one little leg up. I grabbed her and put her on her pee pad and feeling bad, went to get her a treat. When I was walking back to her playpen pad, I saw she was finishing peeing on her pee pad and so I gave her the treat. Wow. Perfect timing like that isn't going to come too often. If she doesn't get the message that it's dangerous to pee in the kitchen but you get a treat when you pee on the pad, I don't know what will.

By the way, this was our FIRST ever pee accident. I'm sure there will more but what a great start. I couldn't wait to share with you guys.
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According to our book the best way to correct the behaviour is the first time that it happens! Good for you!
I got Izzy out of her playpen and we were playing chase and catch. We were running back and forth in the kitchen

Next time, take her to her potty place first, right after you take her out of her playpen. Puppies usually have to pee right after they wake up and after they've exercised.

As Ms. Magnolia said the best way to potty train is never to let those accidents happen! And don't be afraid to carry a puppy to a pee pad mid-stream!
I can't believe that was your first accident! That is awesome!! Good luck with the rest of potty training, but it sounds like you are off to a great start!
Wow! Perfect timing!!! These little critters are such "pleasers"...I'm sure she will be great if you are off to that great of a start!!!!
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It sounds Izzy is having a good start! Just be consistant and she will be fine.
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