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Experiences with Navabo Diamond

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Hi everyone, have been lurking in this forum for a while now and am looking for breeders in the US.

Note: I have contacted few breeders from the AMA, but seems that response times may be slow. I've also done some research into BYB's and such.

I ran across Navabo Diamond that is ran by Natalia Garland (not on the AMA referral list), but It seems that she does a fair bit of shows. I noticed some familiar names (Sunnyvales) on her page for some sire's. Has anybody have experience with this kennel?
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I lost a longer response :(

but anyway, on her website, it appears most of her males and females (breeding dogs, I guess) are from Russia or Korea, and one from Belarus. So I'd think it would be hard to know about the quality of her lines unless you are really knowledgeable about European and Korean breeding and showing. I don't think I saw anything about Sunnyvales. Where were you looking?

She also advertised on, which may be a concern.
I noticed this for one of the males on their website:
Sire: Sunnyvale’s Southernsilks Shin (Korea)
I contacted her when I was looking for a dog a few years ago. She breeds a lot of dogs and does show sometimes. I noticed she was an entrant in the Maltese Specialty show. Another breeder said to me that the structure of her dogs is not up to par -- but unless you're showing, that might not be a concern. She prices according to size, male or female, beauty (big eyes) and other things -- and her prices can be quite high. It didn't work out for me to buy from her but I did recommend her to someone else who was anxiously looking for a puppy and couldn't find one and they're quite happy. I never saw the dog myself, but they are in love with it.
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