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Eye Asymmetry

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Hello…Are there any Maltese owners that have a pup with some difference between both of their eyes? Perhaps different shapes or sizes? Also, is it in conjunction with a lack of halo pigment as well? I know there is an old thread about Halo pigment issues, but maybe there is more information and examples since then? Any pics would also be appreciated.
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Sometimes puppies are born with one eye underdeveloped.

If you just got your "pup," I would have your vet examine him or her. If there is a congenital problem affecting the eye, you should get a report from the vet and bring this up with the breeder of the puppy. That would be for the benefit of you, as the purchaser, your dog and any future dogs the breeder might have. Microphthalmia, if that is what it is, is genetic.

I searched the forums here, and years ago a person made one post about their dog with this condition, posted pictures of their dog with microphthalmia and its littermate sister with normal eyes. But that was the one and only time they were here.
Thank you for your reply. I have not taken possession of this pup yet, still only 6 weeks old.
I never dreamed I would have to make such a decision on whether to accept her with such a genetic/cosmetic issue, or pass on her. Makes my heart hurt to reject her for a cosmetic issue, if in fact, that is all it turns out to be. I haven’t been able to find any other information other what I saw on this forum and what you added. Guess I will continue to communicate with the breeder and see how it goes. She is very ethical and wants me to be happy with whatever decision I make.
Six weeks is very young. I have only had one young puppy, so I am not a good source of information on pigment. I saw a thread here where people discussed when their dog's pigment came in, and it varied a lot.

If your breeder has a good reputation and is ethical as you say, you should be able to talk to her about whether what you are seeing is a pigment issue or microphthalmia.
And if it is a pigment issue, to discuss when the puppies in her line(s) develop full pigment (some never do--my little guy was not from great lines, and I would describe the pigment around his eyes as kind of "broken").

I assume you want a puppy for a companion, not for show. So if the pup turns out not to have great pigment, but healthy eyes and vision, think about how much or little that would affect your satisfaction with your pet.

The most ethical, AMA breeders keep their puppies until 12 weeks of age, for proper development and socialization of these tiny dogs. So you may have time to see what happens, and decide.
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My guy, with the poor pigment (and a poor haircut) about a month before he passed away at over 13. He was my "boyfriend" for all those years. There were things about him I wish were different, but the pigment issue was minor to me.)

(oops, I can't seem to post his picture here at this time. I'll try again later.)
I couldn't find that picture, but here is one of him in middle age, I believe. People were mad at me for cutting off his topknot, but it was so heavy! He had a very thick and wavy coat. And his personality .... 🥰

His eyes look different sizes in the picture, but they were not. It is just the angle, or how his fur is falling, or both.

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Thank you for all the feedback and pics. The next few weeks should clear up any concerns.
i am confident my breeder will do everything necessary to see that this little pup is healthy. A pigment issue would not prevent me from adopting her. 🐾🐾💕
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