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Miko might have a little conjunctivitis in his eye. Lady gets this periodically from her allergies and it clears up with Terramycin eye ointment. I think you can even get that at Petsmart.

Excessive drinking and peeing can be more serious. It can indicate a urinary tract infection, or worse case scenario, diabetes like my Lady has. Either way, it's best to get it checked out asap by your vet. Many vets will let you drop off a urine sample, so you wouldn't even have to stress him out with a trip the vet's unless your vet wants to see him. UTI's can be pretty uncomfortable so I wouldn't wait.

Most likely it isn't diabetes, but that is another reason to get it checked out asap. Time is of the essence when diagnosing and starting treatment for diabetes. As I say, don't panic because Miko is a young dog, right? Diabetes usually occurs in older dogs although there are cases of juvenile diabetes.
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