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Eye problem

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Today while i was at school and my sister and mom were home, obi went to take a bone away from my bigger dog (a golden) and she bit him. At first my mom thought it was really bad because he was screaming for a long time then when she got him calmed down all she could find was a cut on his eye. He has one scrape on his bottom eye lid and 2 ( a big one and small one) on his upper eye lid. He seems to be perfectly normal, and to be seeing just the same. I was wondering if i should bring him to the vet. My mom says theres no reason to but im just worried. Is there really anything they can do that i cant? Just walking in there costs $30 and i dont want to just waste it on something thats not needed.


ps. the other dog has never done anything to hurt him before but im going to watch them more carefully and make sure he doesn't try to steal anything away from her again, because she is the dominant dog.
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I called the vet and they said as long as the cut is just on the outside of the eye i can use a regular ointment for cuts, but if i notice anything in the eye i need to bring him in. I really dont think there is anything on his eye, but if it gets worse i will bring him in Wednsday. Around here its only open mondays and wednsdays otherwise i have to go about an hour away. He seems his normal happy self. He went to my friends house with me and went for a long 45 minute walk and did great loved every minute of it, but fell asleep right after. there hasn't been any squinting or redness to his eye, so im thinking everything is ok.

~Danielle and Obi
Thanks everyone! Im glad he's ok too!
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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