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Feather Update 8/25

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Just a quick note to tell you all, she's doing ok. She still has good moments and bad moments and we still have NO idea why, but she's hanging in there and she's playing and eating so my heart doesn't stop everytime I hear her make her "struggling to breathe" noises.

Thank you all again, so much for your thoughts and prayers. It meant alot to us, that is why I'm updating you. I get on here so little but I do appreciate every one of you that responded.
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I am so happy to hear she is doing better , espc if she's playing and eating that shows alot ,hopefully soon she will be completely all better , will definitely continue to pray for ur baby girl , try to post pics when u can so we can see that lil cutie :)
I've thought about you and Feather so many times and wondered how she was doing. I'm glad she's doing alright and pray she improves to doing great.
Please keep us updated when you can, she's still in everyone's thoughts and prayers.
Karla - thank you so much for the update. I kept wanting to find out how she was but couldn't get onto the SM site. Still sending prayers that she'll be okay but it does sound ike she's better and not in distress if she's eating and playing.Thanks so much for advocating so hard for your little Feather. Being a parent can be so frustrating. :hugging:
Thats wonderful news:wub::wub:
Thank you so much for this update on Feather! How hard this must be for you!
Karla, this has been a real struggle for you, I pray Feather will continue to get better
Karla I'm so glad Feather is doing better. Thank you for the update.
I will continue to pray for the little one.:wub:
Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that she's doing better, but the prayers are continuing.
I've been wondering about sweet Feather. Thanks for the update. Continued prayers.
Thanks SO much for the prayers and kinds all are just so wonderful!!! We appreciate it. PHoto of her in pic section in a second. Uh yah, she's feeling better! LOL
Karla I don't know how I managed to miss every topic about Feather's illness and surgery but I sure did. I just went back to see what this post was about. I had no idea of what you were going through. Poor little Feather and poor Mommy. I'm so very happy that she is doing so much better. Thank God! What an ordeal. I will keep her in my prayers. Kisses to Feather and hugs to you.

p.s. What a little doll Feather is!!
Wonderful! :) I'll still be keeping her in my thoughts for this to continue!
Karla: I'm so glad she's doing better. Hugs to all of you for me.
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