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I was in a similar situation when we got Toby.

I figured Wally needed to learn what was his and what was Toby's and vise versa.

I put Wally's food in his bowl first and then Toby's. Wally, for the first week, tried to eat Toby's food, but we just kept saying, "Noooo..." in a calm voice and finally he learned to stay away from Toby's bowl.

The downfalls are they are both fed at the same time and everyone has to eat or the bowls are picked up (of course that is never a problem for Wally, but some days Toby is just picky). That means that there is no free feeding and someone has to be in the kitchen when they are eating because Wally will steal Toby's food, however, if someone is in the kitchen then all is fine.

I don't know that if you get two, free feeding will still be possible, but having two sure makes the minor inconvenience of feeding time worth it. :D
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