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Female Maltese for sale (SOLD!)

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The final decision has been made to sell Lizzie. If anyone knows of a good home for her, please contact me. These are her "specs:"

Female, 10 months old
AKC Registered
Up to date on shots
Obedience trained


She will not be shipped.

And bashing/hateful remarks this time. It's a final decision no longer up for discussion. I post here simply because it's a good resource to find her a great home.
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Originally posted by Ant Nay+Jul 11 2005, 10:56 AM-->
Originally posted by Kallie/Catcher's [email protected] 11 2005, 10:09 AM
<!--QuoteBegin-Ant Nay
@Jul 11 2005, 11:02 AM
Ok, we have one little guy and he is pad trained and we like that idea and we were looking into the possibility of getting him a buddy in the near future....

Does she sleep in a crate at night...does she sleep through the night

if we wanted to look into this more deeply we would either have to travel to NC or have her shipped....
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Oh, I think she'd love to be in a home with another Malt since she is so high energy. I bet she could be trained to the pad, especially if she sees him using it...

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Yes we were thinking the same thing abotu the two together, like I said our guy is not there yet to be left alone in the house, but maybe they can teach each other, we would want her to go on a pad also...just makes it easier for us is all....we are seriously considering it..thanks for the input I appreciate it
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Lizzie sounds a lot like Lexi. Lexi loves having Nikki around to play with. I think you would love having two of them. I've only had Nikki for 2 weeks but it seems longer. I love having both of them.

I've never trained a dog to use pads so I can't give you any personaly experience but I think you could probably retrain her to go on the pad. You might have problems at first but I think if you keep up with it I think it is possible.
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Originally posted by Ant Nay+Jul 11 2005, 01:43 PM-->
@Jul 11 2005, 12:27 PM
All of Lizzie's belongs will be going with her. That includes about a zillion toys, her nuzzle nest, etc. In fact, I just bought her another bag of Greenies today because she finished off the last one over the weekend. It felt weird buying something for a dog I'm trying to sell, but they keep her entertained.

And Lizzie is just a typical Maltese. I just can't keep up with her energy. Nothing is wrong with her. She does not have any behavioral issues -- she's just a high energy little spirit.
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My wife and I will speak about it more and get back to I said we are seriously looking into getting Oscar a buddy....what is a nuzzle nest?...I am not sure maybe I have seen one and do not know what it is....

That is good to know all of her things come with her, and that she has all her shots and papers...Oscar is 4 months old and we would liekt o get him a puppy close to his age...
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I did a google search for Nuzzle Nest and found this:
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Have you tried putting up flyers in the local vet's offices, groomers, pet stores?

I hope you find a good home for Lizzie!

I also think that people might think $750 is high for an older puppy.

Good Luck! Keep us posted.
OMG! That is great!

Congrats on both sides! When is Joe picking her up?
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Originally posted by RubyJeansmom@Jul 22 2005, 01:20 PM
She is still in our SM family!
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LOL! That is what I was thinking!
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