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Female Maltese for sale (SOLD!)

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The final decision has been made to sell Lizzie. If anyone knows of a good home for her, please contact me. These are her "specs:"

Female, 10 months old
AKC Registered
Up to date on shots
Obedience trained


She will not be shipped.

And bashing/hateful remarks this time. It's a final decision no longer up for discussion. I post here simply because it's a good resource to find her a great home.
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Spotty Poo, I am so sorry that things didn't work out for you. I understand that you have given it your best effort. Sometimes these things just don't work out. Would you at all consider placing the pup in rescue? Or at least working with a rescue group to assist in screening potential new owners? One last suggestion, have you contacted her breeder? As part of our contract, we had to agree that if we were ever to give up our dog, we must return her to the breeder. Just make sure that your contract doesn't have a similar clause. You don't need any more hassles. Good luck to you.
I hope what I am about to say comes across in the right tone...I do not intend this to be offensive...My breeder charges around $700 for second placement (those dogs that have been returned to her because the situation just didn't work). She hasn't had one of those dogs in a few years though, so she might be charging more now. From a buyer's perspective if I can go to a well known breeder and get a "returned" dog for $700 I don't think I would purchase one from someone out of the newspaper. Dealing with the breeder I will get a health guarantee and the assurance of the pet's background. If I were to purchase an older pup (not from a known breeder) through an ad in the paper (or on-line) I would not be willing to spend more than $300. I took a lot of time to think about this and in all honesty, I would not be willing to spend $750 for a pup in this situation. BTW, when my breeder does have a "return" (for lack of a better word) she does not refund the owner's money for the full purchase price, but she does give the first owner a portion of the returned pup's new sales price...enough to cover the cost of the spay and other medical tests and shots. She will not cover the costs of illness, injuries, etc.
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You can report these scammers to the FBI. What they are doing is illegal under US banking laws. SpottyPoo, look in the blue pages of the phone book under FBI and you should have field office (most major cities have one). They will only be caught if you report them. Banking fraud is a very serious crime. Obviously thier scam does work, otherwise they wouldn't put so much effort into it.
1 - 4 of 143 Posts
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