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Female Maltese for sale (SOLD!)

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The final decision has been made to sell Lizzie. If anyone knows of a good home for her, please contact me. These are her "specs:"

Female, 10 months old
AKC Registered
Up to date on shots
Obedience trained


She will not be shipped.

And bashing/hateful remarks this time. It's a final decision no longer up for discussion. I post here simply because it's a good resource to find her a great home.
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Originally posted by Ant Nay@Jul 11 2005, 11:02 AM
Ok, we have one little guy and he is pad trained and we like that idea and we were looking into the possibility of getting him a buddy in the near future....

Does she sleep in a crate at night...does she sleep through the night

if we wanted to look into this more deeply we would either have to travel to NC or have her shipped....
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Oh, I think she'd love to be in a home with another Malt since she is so high energy. I bet she could be trained to the pad, especially if she sees him using it...
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One thing that I think would help in Lizzie's adjustment wherever she ends up and that is to have her crate, nuzzle nest, playpen, etc. in her new home. I think she would feel quite safe having her familiar items around her. Perhaps she could sleep as she does now in the pen with the nuzzle nest.
She sounds wonderful. If I could handle another I'd buy her. She and Kallie would love each other since they sound like clones of each other. ... oh.... I am dreaming out loud......
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That sounds wonderful!!! Sometimes things just fall in to place and this may be "it"!
On one hand I think the price should be high enough to make people think twice ... to make sure they really want her but reasonable enough to not rule out a potential great home.

Someone in my town was selling a 6-month-old male from Petland that they had paid over $1,000 for and he was neutered and they were selling him for $750.

I do agree with the others... most people would rather get a puppy and choose her/him from a litter, etc. I do think a lot of people think of a lower price when getting an almost adult. The thing that really worries me is that the people may not know what they are getting in to and God forbid need to place her elsewhere later, also. I hope you find someone who already has a Malt or had one in the past..... Then chances of the home being final are greatly increased.

I guess this is why people end up placing theirs with a rescue ... because it is hard for an individual to find the right home. (I know you aren't interested in rescue... just an observation.)
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Originally posted by SpottyPoo@Jul 20 2005, 07:39 PM
I'm not giving her up because of my health -- she's just not the right dog for me. She needs far more attention than I can give her. And yes, I have stated that in my ad.

This is my ad:  (She's the second listing.)

She is a great dog -- tons of personality!! Healthy as a horse!! She's just not the one for me.
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That's a great ad. Is it only online? Do the online listings get a lot of "hits"? Perhaps you should run the ad in the newspaper also ? I assume you have notified vets, groomers, etc.?
I have chills... totally!!! I am soooo happy!!!! And she'll have such fun playing with Sampson and Maggie... Oh how fabulous!!!!
LucyLou had something similar happen to her... here is the thread:

AND in that thread is a link that is the funniest thing I've ever read... you've gotta read this stuff..... It is a web site from a girl who scams the scammers... it is just amazing.....and soooooo funny!!!!
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Originally posted by SylphidesMom+Jul 24 2005, 11:37 PM-->
@Jul 24 2005, 09:12 PM
And BTW -- don't anyone fall for an email like this!!
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The scariest thing about all this is: what if someone selling a puppy did fall for this scam (people can be gullible). What would happen to the puppy? Obviously, the scammer's interest is in the money, not the puppy

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The scammers never pick up the puppy. They have no interest in the puppy at all. They respond to ads for puppies and horses and pianos and all sorts of things. From what I can tell, the way it works is the "buyer" sends a fake money order that looks so real that the bank accepts it. The money order is for more money than the puppy's price and the "buyer" asks the seller to send the overage to someone that he ("buyer") owes money to. So the seller sends the money and then finds out a few days later that the money order is no good.

In Spottypoo's example, it was slightly different in that the "buyer" said someone owned him money and that person would be the one sending the payment, which would be way more than what is being sold. The "buyer" asked the seller to keep the amount of what was being sold and to send the balance to the "buyer".
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Originally posted by saltymalty@Jul 25 2005, 08:36 AM
You can report these scammers to the FBI.  What they are doing is illegal under US banking laws.  SpottyPoo, look in the blue pages of the phone book under FBI and you should have  field office (most major cities have one).  They will only be caught if you report them.  Banking fraud is a very serious crime.  Obviously thier scam does work, otherwise they wouldn't put so much effort into it.
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Unfortunately, from what I have read, most of these are from out of the U.S., quite often from Nigeria. I've heard that it is just too expensive in terms of manpower, etc. for the U.S. to do anything about this... ?? Here is what the Scambuster site says: (P.S. You won't be sorry if you check out this link.... it is informative and extremely funny, too.)

Are the Police looking for these guys? NO. There is no extradition in Nigeria. This is all taking place over seas. There is nothing that the law here can do to stop or catch these guys. The only reason for turning the money orders in to your local police department is so that they don't fall into the wrong hands and get cashed.
Originally posted by MalteseJane@Jul 25 2005, 11:30 AM
They also showed a guy who was scamming the scammers and making them spend money for nothing.
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Yes, that's what the girl on the web site I posted earlier in this thread is doing. It's soooo funny the way she is "playing" with their heads.....
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