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Female Maltese for sale (SOLD!)

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The final decision has been made to sell Lizzie. If anyone knows of a good home for her, please contact me. These are her "specs:"

Female, 10 months old
AKC Registered
Up to date on shots
Obedience trained


She will not be shipped.

And bashing/hateful remarks this time. It's a final decision no longer up for discussion. I post here simply because it's a good resource to find her a great home.
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Originally posted by saltymalty@Jul 9 2005, 09:01 AM
Would you at all consider placing the pup in rescue?   <div align="right">index.php?act=findpost&pid=79748
Absolutely NOT.
There is no such stipulation in my contract. I would not be posting her for sale if that were case.
At 10 months, Lizzie is 10 lbs.

The breeder has retired and is no longer breeding/selling puppies. Lizzie's litter was her last one. She was located in Lenoir, NC which is about 2 hrs. NW of Charlotte. She has excellent references. Lizzie is as healthy as a horse.
Originally posted by BugHillHeather@Jul 9 2005, 09:07 PM
Turning your baby into a rescue sounds like a good idea--but beware,
<div align="right">index.php?act=findpost&pid=79916

Lizzie will not be going to a rescue. Read the above threads.

Again, this is not open for discussion.
I'm in Charlotte. She is trained to go outside.
First off, she will not be shipped anywhere. I guess I should have put that in my first post. I'll fix that.

She sleeps in her playpen on top of her Nuzzle Nest. She has been sleeping thru the night for several months. We have tried to get her to sleep with us, but she just can't seem to sit still. lol
We first trained her on pads, but she would have nothing to do with it. She actually WANTED to go outside.

And I agree -- she would be so happy in a home with another malt to keep her entertained.
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All of Lizzie's belongs will be going with her. That includes about a zillion toys, her nuzzle nest, etc. In fact, I just bought her another bag of Greenies today because she finished off the last one over the weekend. It felt weird buying something for a dog I'm trying to sell, but they keep her entertained.

And Lizzie is just a typical Maltese. I just can't keep up with her energy. Nothing is wrong with her. She does not have any behavioral issues -- she's just a high energy little spirit.
UPDATE: My health is not cooperating at this time, and I have put the search for a new home for Lizzie on hold until I feel better. I just can't deal with all of that right now. I will keep everyone posted. In the meantime, Lizzie has been a complete and utter angel for 4 days straight -- not a single problem out of her. Either she knows something's up with her, or she senses that I'm not well...whatever the case, it's been a rather nice change and our household has been peaceful again.
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No sooner than I posted my last post here when my phone rang. It was a lady responding to the picture ad of Lizzie that I posted at my vet's office a week or so ago. She sounds promising -- she's already got a 4 yr old female Maltese that she's had since she was 8 weeks old. She and her husband live in a swanky community not far from me, so I could visit Lizzie from time to time. We are going to get together this weekend. I told her that I want to see her malt interact with Lizzie before anything else occurs, and she said that she would bring her over. If I like what I see, I'll go over to her house and we'll take it from there.
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UPDATE: That lady called Friday afternoon to tell me that she and her family had given it a lot of thought, and she came to the conclusion that she really can't handle the antics of two maltese and she changed her mind. Imagine that.

So, the search continues....I'm feeling better now so I'm gonna try again. Thank you for all of your well wishes. :D
(charliesmom - I gave you my email addy via PM)

So, WHY won't anyone buy Lizzie?!!
She has GOT to find another home soon...she's driving me nuts!
(I recently placed an advertisement for her on our local newspaper's online version and said "serious inquiries only" and "references will be required." Could that be why I'm not getting any response??)
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I'm keeping in line with what others are asking for malts in my area. In fact, there are a few people advertising malt puppies for $1,000!!! I think $750 is reasonable considering she's already been spayed, microchipped, obedience trained AND housetrained. (And I AM trying to pass her off!
Seriously, she'd make a great dog for someone who has a lot of time to spend playing with her. I'm just not that person.)

What are everyone's thoughts on the amount I'm charging?? (And please don't start an argument/debate here -- it's a simple question.)
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I'm not giving her up because of my health -- she's just not the right dog for me. She needs far more attention than I can give her. And yes, I have stated that in my ad.

This is my ad: (She's the second listing.)

She is a great dog -- tons of personality!! Healthy as a horse!! She's just not the one for me.
Yes, I have advertised at my vet and plan on putting up signs at other area vets. Groomers -- now that's a great idea!

The ad is only online at this time. The Charlotte Observer charges an astronomical amount for a classified ad in their newspaper, so I am trying to avoid that at all "costs." lol I think the online version gets a lot of traffic. I used to check it almost every day when I was looking for a malt. In fact, that's how I found Lizzie's breeder. =)
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My search for THE perfect home for Lizzie has come to an end: Joe will be adopting Lizzie!!!!!!!!

I couldn't be happier about this!!!
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He'll be picking her up around the last week of August after his vacation.
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I think I might miss her....
But I know this is best for everyone. We just never bonded and I don't think there's any hope of that happening.
She's crazy about my husband, of course!!
They have THE best time playing together.

BTW - Joe, I'll be sending all of her toys and accessories along with her.
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