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Female Maltese for sale (SOLD!)

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The final decision has been made to sell Lizzie. If anyone knows of a good home for her, please contact me. These are her "specs:"

Female, 10 months old
AKC Registered
Up to date on shots
Obedience trained


She will not be shipped.

And bashing/hateful remarks this time. It's a final decision no longer up for discussion. I post here simply because it's a good resource to find her a great home.
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SpottyPoo, I understand if you feel you need to find a home for Lizzie. You have put a lot of money and time in on her and she is a good dog, but she is handicapped by size, age and the fact she didn't make it with you. Please except my feelings about it as simply mine.

Frosty is 10 lb. but of course he is full grown (duh!, he's 13). At 10 months she is still growing some. How tall is she at the shoulder? I personally wouldn't pay 750 for a dog who didn't make it in it's first home, and is also over size. I'll take your word for it that she's OK and you just don't want to do this with her anymore, but that doesn't remove the stigma of a dog who didn't make it in it's first home, especially after all the effort and training you put into her. Her size would also be against her. Most people are going to want a Malt who is recognized as one. At her size most people will ask if she's a bichon or poodle when they first glimpse her. At least that's been my experience with a 10 lb. Maltese. Yes, that's people who don't know Malts, but around here that's everybody. Her age could be an advantage to some people who don't want to potty train......but most people want a baby. Comparing the price people in your area are asking for a newborn maltese with pricing Lizzie doesn't figure. A comparable would be one almost a year old, too large for the breed, and going to a second home after a failed one.

It's kind of like trying to sell a year old vehicle that you put a lot of expensive extras on and expecting to get the price someone would pay for a new one plus what you spent on it to spruce it up. You never get back what you spent. I know that's not what you are trying to do.....but maybe you can see my point (or not!) for what it's worth.
Good luck.
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My search for THE perfect home for Lizzie has come to an end: Joe will be adopting Lizzie!!!!!!!!

I couldn't be happier about this!!!
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REALLY!!! AWWWWWw... congrats JOE!
Glad to hear the good news
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OMG! That is great!

Congrats on both sides! When is Joe picking her up?
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How wonderful! That's for sharing your fabulous news!
He'll be picking her up around the last week of August after his vacation.
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I have chills... totally!!! I am soooo happy!!!! And she'll have such fun playing with Sampson and Maggie... Oh how fabulous!!!!
Originally posted by SpottyPoo@Jul 22 2005, 11:18 AM
He'll be picking her up around the last week of August after his vacation. 

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yes it's me and I am excited
I would love to get her now but we are going on two vacations in August, the first week and third week, my Mom watches Sampson and Maggie whenever we go anywhere and I coulddnt ask her to watch the three of them during an "adjusting" period, SpottyPoo is working with me so we can get her on the way back from Charleston, SC, I have wanted Lizzie from the beggining and after many PM's we worked it out
I think this is a win win situation for us, Susan (and her family) and of course Lizzie
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Ok...I am totally happy too....even though Spottypoo and I have been talking and I REALLY wanted Lizzie to myself. -_- Hubby even agreed to it finally...but I couldn't make it work out financially and timing wise right now. I felt emotionally attached to her in some crazy way because I have been chatting with her about her for so long. BUT, I am so glad that Joe is taking her. Of course we all just want her to have a good home, and we KNOW that Joe will be great! So....YEEEEE-HAAAAWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!
Yaaaay for Lizzie!!!
Yaaaaay for Joe!!!
Yaaaay for Spottypoo!
Big kissies to Lizzie!
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Wonderful news!
Traci I wish it would have worked for you ,as I know how bad you wanted her.But if you couldnt have her,Im thrilled that you got her Joe!All is well for everyone!
Cant wait for Sampson,Maggie,Lizzie stories to come
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I think I might miss her....
But I know this is best for everyone. We just never bonded and I don't think there's any hope of that happening.
She's crazy about my husband, of course!!
They have THE best time playing together.

BTW - Joe, I'll be sending all of her toys and accessories along with her.
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I'm sooo happy to read Joe will be taking her. Now we can still read about her. I am so glad that everything worked out.
So thrilled with this news....
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Yippy , I'm so happy for all of you... This site is the best.

This is a great day. The best thing is you know she will have a loving home.
You can also see how she grows on this site.

Way to go JOE and SpottyPoo, lizzy too
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OMG...that is so GREAT !!!
I wanted Lizzie too but we are just to far....I couldn't be happier that Joe is getting her!! She is still in our SM family! I was not looking forward to her going somewhere and never hearing about her again. She is just a part of all of us. Congratulations Joe!! SpottyPoo I'm so happy for you too! It ALL worked out for the best!!
Traci--I know how you feel-I wanted her too--and I know how bad you want a little girl!! Good luck to you in finding your little girl!
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Best news ever!!! Congratulations Joe! And especially Lizzie, getting a wonderful, caring FOREVER home!!!!!!! Yippeee
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