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Last week I finally accepted that I have been a bad parent by not excercising Pico this summer. It's just been soo hot and humid in San Antonio! Plus, there were so many really big dogs being walked in the evening that I was afraid Pico would have just torn them to shreds.
Seriously, I just didn't want to deal with his barking and possibly provoking the Akitas and Malamutes in the area.

Then, things started to slow down and I started taking him on little 15 minute walks around the block which is 1/2 uphill and 1/2 downhill and he just loves it. But by the time we get home his beard and mustache are just dripping wet from drool! I know it's from smelling the scents of other dogs on our route and I'm hoping that he'll finally become accustomed enough to those scents that he'll stop the salivating.

But he DOES come sit at my feet and do the "it's time for our walk" mind-meld stare! And when he sees his halter come out he gets so excited and leaps right onto my lap to be fitted. When I clip his leash to it he grabs it in his mouth and leads me out the door.

So I guess he's "trained" me to do his bidding once again!
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