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I remember one Pet Psychic show referred to dog's sniffing outside as being the same as checking mail is for humans. That's how they get their "messages" and find out what's going on in their world.

It's been brutal here in North Carolina, too. I've basically just carried Lady out under one of the big shade trees, then we run back inside and she makes a beeline to the bathroom where she lies on the tile floor next to the air vent to recouperate!

But it has been cooler this week and I notice she is much more interested in sniffing and exploring now, especially in the morning. She doesn't get as excited as Pico, though, because she's not all covered with drool!

But her feet got pretty wet from the dew this morning and they had just cut the grass yesterday, so she was covered in grass clippings. There are advantages to having inside only dogs, but I do personally think outside time is important for their minds.
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