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I finally had a free weekend with my boyfriend to drive down to Oregon to visit my breeder and her pups. I've been itching to go see them ever since she called and told me they were born! We were originally supposed to take home the older one (born 6/30/2010) but after I saw the little guy who was born on 7/17/2010 :wub: I grew attached to him and we have decided to wait a bit longer for him to get ready. Which will work out better for me anyhow since I am in the process of moving to a larger apartment! --- and it will give me more time to puppy proof the place :w00t:

I attached some pics... the single pup is the one we are waiting for (we've named him Butters) and the older one was the one we were supposed to adopt before.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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