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Old thread, I know, but how I missed it before, I dont know.

I found a wonderful article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and not being all that far from Amish Country (Millersburg is not too far of a drive from us), it's nice to see this in the newspaper:

Breeder's Code of Ethics

The author is very well known as an animal supporter, and though I've never met her, I bet she'd be oodles of fun to be around for a day!!!!

Nice to see an article like this so close to Amish Country, Puppymillers Central!

ann marie and the "and i bet those puppies never ever even get to have a BITE of all that wonderful CHEESE they make....someday, i will perform a covert operation to free all of their dogs and we will all break into one of the cheese shops and eat eat eat!!!!" buttercup, who knows her cheese limits and refuses to admit them
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