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Finding a Responsible Breeder

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This is a wonderful article with tons of links to other great articles. A must-read for anyone searching for a puppy.
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I have been breeding from many years and the size is the usual question that is first. I hate the toy question and try to educate most that call me, but I can tell that often they doubt me when I tell them there is no such animal as a toy Maltese.
I raise to the breed standard also, but I can tell you that on of my 7 lb. mom which is my largest one bred with my tiny little many Mr. Pippy has produced an adult of 3 1/2 lbs. My 6 and my 5 lb mom had produced 4 lbs and 6 lb. adults. There is just no way to gurantee the out come of size. My moms and dad have points and good Maltese hair ( no curls). When I had a problem I did not breed.
That is just responsible. I have a liter currently, I believe one to be exceptionally small and one larger. That is Gods will and nature, not mine.
I love my babies and their moms and dads. I wish all breeders were the same.
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1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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