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first kiss

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I came across this picture of the first minutes I layed my eyes on my precious Matilda:wub: Love at first sight:tender:it's been 5 wonderful years and my love for my precious angel has only grown deeper:heart:
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awwwwwwwwwwww~~this is so sweet :wub: :wub:
Paula, that is the sweetest pic ever!!!! Sooooo precious!!
Paula - Matilda was so tiny!! What a sweet picture of both of you and so nice to finally see a picture of you. Now can connect and name and a face on SM.:chili:
I almost didn't post the picture because I was in it:HistericalSmiley:
Oh my goodness, that is just the sweetest thing!
What a wonderful picture to have! She was such a cute puppy! :wub and is even cuter now!!
oooo how sweet !! this made my day !!
oh, what a beautiful pic!!
look how little Matilda is!!:wub::wub:
What a little sweetie pie! How old was she when you brought her home?
OMG, Paula, that is just the most precious picture ever!!! Look how tiny she is!!! :wub:
Aww, I love it!! And, we get to see beautiful Paula. That is definitely true love. I have a similar picture of Linda and Bonnie Marie, titled True Love.
Ok, that has got to be one of my most favorite pics EVER! What a treasure to have. Paula you are beautiful! I love having a face now to a name. :thumbsup:
how cute is that :wub: Matilda was so little :tender: I can definitely see the love :wub:
Paula, that is the most precious picture! You are beautiful! And, Matilda was adorable as a baby ... and, still is!:wub::wub:
Oh Paula, I love that sweet. Matilida is a doll baby!
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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