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Hi Shadow's Mommy,
Colette is now 6 1/2 months old. The photo you see was taken when she was just 3 months old in August. I, too, want to keep her in a puppy cut. Her first trim was just before Halloween. I told the groomer to please put her back the way she was.
The groomer then suggested that I bring in a photo. I told her to clip her nails, do the hair between her pawpads, check in her ears and cut any stray hair that was getting into her eyes. I wanted her head and ears left alone. She also trimmed a little passageway so that there are no clings when she goes to the bathroom. :lol:
My breeder also does grooming, but it's a long trip, so I asked a neighbor who owns a small dog that needs grooming. If anyone is from New Jersey out groomer is called, "The Garden State Barkway." :D You must be careful since a groomer is a good place to pick up all sorts of little nasties. Make sure they have a good reputation and that the place looks well kept. The groomer also made her own suggestions which I welcomed. As I said, I just asked for a slight trim. Now Colette's coat is longer than when I had her trimmed, but since it's not tangling, I'm going to wait a while. I bathe her but would never attempt to cut her as I'm without talent.

Oh echo Judi..........don't bring Shadow to a groomer that will keep her all day!!! If they cannot do it in 2 hours then they are too busy is my philosophy.

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