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Hello Everyone.

I am a first time pet owner . We recently bought a 15 weeks Maltese .Her name is "Kiki" . She was diagonised with worms and the vet put her on antibiotics .
She is very active now but refuses to eat her kibble. The vet checked her again and she confirmed that she is healthy now. I changed the kibble that was given by her breeder .Initially she started eating a small amount of the new kibble.But does not show any interest now. These are the things i did to get back her appetite

1.Added chicken broth
2.Added rice
3.Added shredded chicken breast.
4.Warmed up the food.
5.Changed her bowls.
6.Hand fed her.
7.Changed the place of her feeding bowls.
8.Added wet food to her kibble.

The food I am using is -> Heartland Gold Grain Free Puppy Dry Dog Food
Nothing seems to be working. She loves to play and is very happy in general. Everyone in our family loves her so much and pamper her. Please help as I am very concerned that she is not able to eat at least 1/2 cup of food a day.
Her current weight is 3.8 pounds.

My 12 mo ols maltese.bichon is picky too. This morning he is eating cut up chicken breast cut up small and purina puppy food I borrowed. I have to remember at 11.9 lbs, they dont require much. Try freeze dried and whatever he eats is enough. Also use kong for his own dry Nutrisource and also when walking. throw it out and have him get it. Sounds dumb but that works best.
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