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Awww, glad to hear your first week is over.
It is very hectic and it is hard to feel like you are ever caught up. That's how I was anyway, but as long as you do all you can do it will all work out!
Also take some time away from the books, or else you will completely not pay any attention to what you are trying to study. It will be great to be out in 2 years. This is my first fall not having school, and it is so hard to believe, I don't have to go back
. Hard to believe I get paid for what I am doing now also ( I had to do the same things in clinicals for school and all we got for it were 2 credit hours
) Your 2 years will fly by!
I would put a pad in the exercise pen for Cloud on his long days; we leave one out for Caesar on his long days.
Good luck to ya!!!
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