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<span style="font-family:Times">My vet told me to start using a flea medication on Peaches to prevent infestation. He told me to use advantage. I was wondering if any of you use medication for fleas, and if so what? there are so many brand like frontline , advantage, advantix...which is best?
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Originally posted by LadyMontava@Aug 21 2005, 06:57 PM
they r all great products and basically trial and error which u like
advantage washes off but it is safe enough to use every week ( certain shampoos dont wash it off)...frontline can only be used monthly but doesnt wash off. frontline spray is the cheapest but ive heard great and bad results (it is dependent on the applicator whether the person applies it correctly)  i think some areas the fronline works best and others advantage works go with what ur vet recommends cause thats prob the best for your area.
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I use Advantage, my vet told me that if I waited 3 days to wash Massimo that it would still protect him for the duration. I haven't had any problems with it.
I haven't seen a flea yet!
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