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Since that website sells the products they review, I suspect they are a little biased. B)

Try this one. It provides an independent analysis of the major dog food brands:

Dog Food Analysis - Reviews of kibble
Oh you should have looked at it. That link isn't a review; it's a chart you use yourself to "grade" your dogs food.That's why I liked it...I won't go into it in detail just click the link if you're someone looking to understand how to grade it yourself. :thumbsup: I haven't actually visited the store in person yet, as their hours are nearly the same as mine. So I don't have a, ahem, dog in this race.

I have written for A Major Pet Food Company so things like that are very interesting to me (doing your own research). Maybe not to the non-nerds--the normal folks-- on the forum.:huh:
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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