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Food & Water Bowl

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I wash Wally and Toby's food and water bowl every other day and give them fresh water. Yesterday as I was washing them out, I sniffed the inside of a cleaned bowl; the stench that came from the bowl was enough to make me gag!

I have been using these cute little ceramic bowls that I got from Target. I know that ceramic isn't the best choice, but I thought by washing them so frequently I was reducing the chance of odor and bacteria--I guess not. I ended up soaking the bowls in a bleach and water solution and this weekend I am going to buy some stainless ones. Does anyone know where I can get some cute stainless steel bowls? I love the bowls that I have now because they are beige with blue paw prints and match my kitchen. I hate the look of the stainless steel--it looks so surgical.
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I used to use the stainless steel ones from Petsmart. Although not all that cute, they worked well for us.

I have a small question. How often do you all change water/wash the water bowl? I do it once a day on most days but sometimes I forget and skip a day. Is that bad?
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I change food bowls every meal.  Water bowl I change every few days.
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Kristi, you don't mean you leave the same water in there for several days do you ??
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K&C's mom,

You sound like my husband!! I really do try not to leave the same water in the bowl...but sometimes I completely forget!! Neither my husband nor Miko are happy with me when I do
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