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Originally posted by okw+Aug 2 2005, 09:19 PM-->
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@Jul 30 2005, 07:51 AM
I say the V840 and the V845 someplace last night.  I think Bed, Bath and Beyond sells the V845 for $99 but you only get 5 bags and one 11" X 10' roll.  I would get a lot more if I got it from the FoodSaver website but I would have to pay shipping.  Hmm.

I can't remember what store I saw the 840 at.

Right now I'm kind of leaning towards the V2480.  I know it doesn't come with all the canisters but I can buy those at Walmart for less then $20.
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Now I am getting obsessed with getting a foodsaver. Definitely at the end of the year! Good luck with your purchase
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The good thing about the new fresh container is you don't have to have a food saver there is a pump attached to it that you just press. In the link it show a picture with the white thing in the middel . THat is the pump when you finish pumping it you turn it and it sits flat in the container. Anyway you can use it merinate meat, keep your fuits longer ... strawberries will last two weeks in it. Also salad will last a lot longer and stay fresher. I put my left overs in it. Yesterday i made a macironie pie, chichen and Salmon stakes... now I dont have to cook for the week... yippy. I have to say the food saver is a really good buy.
but again if you can afford the food saver now. get the freshness containers they are way better then ziplock
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