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Hello all my SM Family,I have so missed you all!
But I just wanted to say,I am so far behind on threads&posts it will take me forever to catch up.Being away for 3 weeks has left me tons to read.Instead of responding to each post & thread like I wish I could ,Im just going to do it now.

I spoke to Kristi breifly yesterday,so I know all that were touched by Katrina are safe&sound.And I thank God for that.IM sorry some have lost their homes,but homes can be replaced and you guys can not.

Any newbies,WELCOME to our SM Family! I look forward to getting to know you & your sweet babies!You couldnt have joined a more loving,learning,compassonate,forum.

For any ill fluffbutts,I hope you all get better soon & are back to your ole self quickley!

For Jackie,I was so sadden to see the title of the post on Mikey,I couldnt even read it.God Bless you Jackie and ease the horrible pain I know you have in your heart.You are a wonderful person & Mikey was so fortunate to have you as his MOM.You gave him love and wonderful care.He ia at peace and out of pain & running happily waiting to see you again someday.

If I have missed anything or anyone please forgive me,it was not my intent.
Ive missed you guys and Im so happy to be back,Im so sorry I was not here when some of you guys needed support in one way or another....Sheila& The Gang
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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