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For those that make clothes for your fluffs

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I have seen some really cute outfits here on SM.

I was wondering where I could get a pattern to make dresses for Libby? Did you all make your own patterns?

I'm always looking at cute fabric and would love to have something to do over the summer.

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susie and sadies mum is amazing.send her a email v spoiled maltese shes lovely i know she will help you ..say jo sent you .
This may not help at all, but when I go to the fabric stores, I check the craft section in the pattern catalogs. They normally have some really sweet little clothes for pups. Last halloween, I got a pattern for The Wizard of Oz doggy costumes. :D In my opinion, Simplicity is your best bet when looking through those catalogs.
Yea, Simplicity's collection isn't that great at the moment... so scratch that.. Sorry :(

They do have some pretty entertaining hats though! :HistericalSmiley:


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I make all my patterns, it's so much fun. I sell at a marketplace in Az in the winters, once you get started you will LOVE it
Check Ebay for retired patterns that you can find cheap.
I started with a pattern I got free off the internet. Then I made a couple of my own patterns. Don't sew much anymore,but I will get back to it someday.
Thank you all for your help!

I can't wait to get going on this.

OMG, those hats are hysterical! :HistericalSmiley:

I'll check out Jo-Ann tomorrow to see if I can come up with something.
Sewing Patterns for Dog Clothes - sweaters, pajamas, coats, and more

here are some pattern-books.
i have one of the japanese books - can´t understand the instructions, but you can see from the pics how to use the patterns :thumbsup: it´s easy
I'm so excited! :chili: I checked out JoAnn's and Simplicity had some great patterns for dogs. My son really wanted me to get the hat set too.

I bought one with different styles of dresses, a swimsuit and a t-shirt.

This is going to be such fun.:aktion033:

Thank you everyone for your help!
lol Well I do giggle at the hats, but they are cute.

Have a blast making sweet Libby clothes and make sure you take pictures of what you make! We'll all be wanting to see them! :D
I started w/ a free pattern on the internet then adapt3d it for different styles. I got a couple on Ebay but haven't had a chance to use them yet. Sewing clothes for fluffs...adictive!!!!
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