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fortuitous discovery

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I just found this out on accident last night, and have since tried it a bunch of times, especially when Jack is all excited and crazy and I need to calm him down....

If I rub him behind his ears, in kind of circular motion around the whole ear, he gets all quiet, and then he yawns!
It is super cute, and after I rub them for a while, he lays down and is quiet... I wonder if it's just Jack, or if your babies do this too --

Try it!
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Isn't it adorable when they do that? With Pico it's his jaw line.....I'll rub his jaws up to his ears with my thumbs from the front or my fingers from the back and he'll yaaaaawwn and get so relaxed. He likes the area at the base of his ears massaged too but it doesn't make him yawn like the sweet spot in front.

Nice trick to know when they need settling down.

Pico responds well to a good brushing with my natural bristle brush, too. He droops his head and sways side to side as I brush him. So cute!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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