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Did you get medical records with her? Since you have doubts about her, and think the seller may be fraudulent, maybe you should have her checked by a vet to make sure she is healthy and the age she was represented to be. And has had vaccines and does not have parasites. And at that time you could see about getting a DNA test. It requires a blood sample to be sent to the company which does the test.

I think her appearance is generally what Maltese look like, though the snout is rather long. Does her tail curve up over her back?
I’ve been having the same issue with my puppy and it’s true breed after rescuing our pup from an irresponsible breeder and previous owner.. my puppy is also very difficult to tell apart the breed since the mom was truly a full breed maltese although the older our pup got, the smaller the chances of him being a maltese are as well..
Hopefully any of you guys can also care to help and see if our puppy is also a maltese mix breed?


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