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Have you recently changed his routine?

Is he in a crate at night or can he roam?

When he wakes you and you take him out is he going potty or wanting to play?

If Frost was previously holding it through the night he should still be able. Be sure he goes out just before you all go to bed and play with him and/or walk him to tire him out a little. You can take up his water a few hours before bed also.

Tiki gets a walk some time after 9pm with play time just before his walk. We have had this routine since he was a few months old, we have never had a problem with him waking us at night. He will go out at around 6am to go pee (when I get up) he then gets a walk between 7 and 8 am to do his other business. He usually sleeps most of the day, but I work at home and take him out a few times as needed. He has spent more than 8 hours in the house alone without going out ... when that happens he REALLY needs to go when I return, but no accidents. He also gets a walk some time during the day (between 2 - 6).

Hope this helps some; if you address the questions above we may be able to address what is going on.

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