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Here's my feeling about this. As per Sher's thread I'm really not telling VS how to conduct their business...I'm saying how it made me feel as a member. I don't really think they were doing that advertiser any favors in my mind, again just as a member.
I was the first one to bring up the surprise of seeing a whole page coming up with what was basically a "personal story" of a person who works at VS and a love note about a vendor whom we had never seen before. I see that PetRageous is apparently one of the advertisers on our site, since I've now seen ads. I guess that must have been the deal struck with VS and PetRageous.
Call a spade a spade - rather than a hokey story leading us into what they are selling. It seemed totally ingenuous to me and felt like cheap, shameless self promotion. Another new advertiser Bloomingtails was handled very nicely with an introduction to the advertiser and what she is selling. No full front pages. I didn't take that as an affront at all. We often are the ones who sing the praises of our vendors or advertisers and our reviews often drive getting their products. We don't get full page spots on the site or stickies for that. I just don't think this was necessary. JMHO as a lifetime member.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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