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Anyone have any funny stories, i do on saturday i ran did my errands than went to my friends house and we laid out because it was sunny out so Maxi got to play with his best friend Diggy for hours by the time we got home he was shot...he slept all night like a baby...Sunday morning i got up to go to the gym and when i came back got him ready and we went running around on errands, when i got home i was tired and Maxi seemed bored ( he loves to be outside) but i was just too tired so he literally was giving me the silent treatment and not loking at me , i went to kiss and hug him he turned his face , than i was on the phone and i couldnt find him he was in the living room on the arm of the couch staring out the i went to him, to give him a kiss and he turned away again so i was laughing i said ok little boy you can stay out here.....on top of that he wouldnt eat his dinner....when it was time to go to sleep he went under the bed he always sleeps with me...i also left the food out i usually throw it away if he doesnt eat it by 8pm he also always has his dry kibble out so i prefer to throw the food away and not leave it out all night
anyway i wake up this morning and my little baby was sleeping beside me and he must have ate all his food during the night ..........I have spoiled him rotten but i can't help it he is too cute
another thing Maxi does which is adorable is when he goes to do number#2 he comes and tells me so i can clean his butt
how funny is that
anyway dying to hear some good stories!!
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