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OK...I know I should understand this but I don't. First...what is the difference between your Gallery and your Album? When I go to My Controls, it says I have no gallery and yet when I click on my Album, I have several pictures of Maggie.

One of the pictures says I had a comment. I can not retrieve it. Goes to the page that says I am in error and maybe I don't know how to use the page.

Also, I want to delete a picture there that is black...I go to Edit and I see no option for deleting it. Not quite understand it all.

Now with the new upgrade I just made, will I be able to make the animated pics by myself or will I still need to ask another member for help doing this? I mean, is this a new option with the pictures, too?

OK..I know that was alot of questions. I'm full of them. Will be glad when we can chat with each other and ask questions that way. EEEEEEE...Again, thanks to BIG JOE!! Hugs to you!!
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