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George With His New Family

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I have been trying to rehome a few of my Maltese. George is a great little dog and he really needed a home where there is lots of activity. This family contacted me. The family has 5 kids from 16 to 9 years old. The kid's decided to pool their money and buy a Maltese. George fit the bill, so I sent him to them for the price of shipping. Here he is with his new family.


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How sweet! 5 happy kids and one lucky pup!
I love that the kids saved their money to get a pup. Sounds like he's going to have a great home.
Wonder if he'll be spoiled? LOL It is wonderful the children pooled their $$...must have really wanted George!
Tina -- how wonderful for George and how generous of you. I know that he will have a wonderful life in his new furever home. :)
What a kind and generous thing you did, Tina! They look like a wonderful bunch of kids, and I bet George will be very happy.
Looks like george hit the jackpot.:aktion033: I'm glad he has a great home & wish him & his new family many yrs of happiness.
What a lovely family and a great gesture, Tina. You made some great kids very happy. George is a cutie and I am so glad he found a loving home.
Oh Tina, that is soooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet. Bless his little soul and what a wonderful family, he sure will be getting lots of love and kisses there :) And I bet he'll be giving tons back in return. He looks like his been there forever. Oh how sweet.
Tina, you have such a big heart! Last month you gave a DD man Arthur, and this month George went to a family with a bunch of kids for the price of shipping. You eptomize the phrase "giving back". :thumbsup:
How wonderful of you. He looks like he's already on his way to Spoiled!
They look like a great group of kids. That's very sweet how they saved their money to buy a Maltese. I wish them and George many years of happiness. :chili:
It sure looks like George got a great home. Isn't it great when you can help make a family happy.
When I get ready for my pup, I plan to contact you. I see you represent the type breeder I am searching for.
Looks like George has a wonderful new home. He will sure get a lot of attention. What a wonderful act of kindness on your part.:wub:
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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