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God Help Me...I'm Babysitting The Twins ~ LOL

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So I'm working in the Bay area all next week, and come a bit early to spend time with my son and his family. I arrive early this morning, all was great, UNTIL they both left me!!! Son went to a friends to pick his fantasy football players, and DIL had to work.:w00t:

OMG!!! It's just me, and the 3-year-old twins!!! :HistericalSmiley:

It's awful, I can't understand what they are saying. Samantha got mad I put her cereal in the wrong bowl. How the he** was I to know she has to have the "princess" bowl, with matching spoon?

Now Kenny's bawling 'cause I poured milk on his cereal. Well color me stupid ~ :HistericalSmiley:

I can't wait for their mother to get home. Scooby Do, on TV, is getting old rather quickly ~ LOL

Hey, at least there's beer in the fridge ~ :chili:
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:w00t: :w00t: DOUBLE DOSE of 3 year olds!! YIKES :w00t: :w00t: I am not jealous at all...
:HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:Didn't you know that Grandmoms are supposed to know everything? Have fun, wish it were me with my grandchildren.
I feel your pain! I love my grandchildren, but they exhaust me!
Just be glad you weren't here earlier this week when the temp was 103!!!
Never allow yourself to be outnumbered by children!!!
LMAO!!! I feel your pain Deb but luckily long distance. Maybe you can find Sesame Street -- at least it's more entertaining and some double entendres.
Deb, I can just see you now......your post is so funny!! Hopefully Mom got back from work. Will you be staying the week with them??? One question.....if the baby did not want milk in his cereal, what does he do, eat it dry!!! Mom should have left instructions!!!! Keep it in the middle of the road~~~please!!!!:w00t:
(twins) You'll need a nap for sure when you get home LOL!
Brrrrr..I get chills just thinking about it. I'll have a glass of wine for you, Deb!
LOL thanks for the morning giggles

awwh Deb- best of luck

Little Kenny fell asleep on the floor, while crying after the cereal fiasco.

They already had dinner, so didn't bother me, and thought I would leave well enough alone. So I'm outside, drinking a beer, talking to Brad, who is watching my doggies, when I peek in, and Kenny is up and dancing in front of the TV ~ :chili:

So I'm watching him threw the glass, when he walks up, sees my big head, and starts bawling all over again ~ :HistericalSmiley:

Well, I hang up, come in and hug him. He said, "sorry gamma deb". I said, "you better be, pal" ~ LOL

They're good kids. I'm just not "good" with kids. I must say, my little Sammie is winning my heart over. Since she did get her stupid princess bowl, and spoon, she has been very helpful. Yep, talking very softly, telling me all kinds of stories, while batting her pretty little eyes. Although I don't understand a darn thing she's said, she is cute as a bug. :HistericalSmiley:

We're taking the boat to the Delta tomorrow, so they better wear life-jackets ~ :HistericalSmiley:

I'll take lots of pics.
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double blessings

Instead of stressing...enjoy them!!... my twin grandsons (almost three) live with me. They are double trouble...but they also have an unending supply of double kisses and hugs!! My household is VERY stressfull but I would not trade one minute of it. I get to help tuck them in at nite and in the morning they head for the "Gwamaw Bed" watch cartoons...YEAH!!
We are blessed...there is nothing like twins...I remind myself everyday that they are only going to be little once and I don't want to miss one minute of it!
DEB, OMG LOL. I have twin sisters. They are grown now of course, but just watch over them, and I promise they will entertain themselves. Um, my mom got a call from the lady heading up the Brownies, you know like girl scouts, and told her, um, please come get them, they are not welcomed back,, unless you accompany them at all times LOL. Hang in there!!!!

On April fools day, they decided, in their little schemy minds, to play a trick on the nuns, sooooooooo they switched classes the entire day. They made it to the very last class, and during the class, one of the students said, "Oh sister, that's not Sharon, that's Debbie". Down to the principals office Mom had to go.

When they were about 3, my oldest sister, was 4, and they would keep untying her shoes. Oh I have stories. So don't you worry, it's not you. And afterwards you will laugh at it, hang in there!!!!
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Just wait until their older and you have to play sports with them. We were just in Maryland last week and got to see my grandchildren. I have 3 one's 7, 2 and 9months. The 7 year old Taylor is very much into sports and we played several games of baseball with him, but before we could begin the game we had to sing the "National Anthem" and he had to make sure he was dressed in his baseball uniform. Before we play any sport with Taylor he has to be dressed in the correct uniform for that game, we can't figure out where he gets this from. My family thinks he got it from me. Lol.
Okay, no more "God help me", God help THEM, they are buggin' ~ :HistericalSmiley:

You know it's funny, I have the patience of a saint with 12 dogs in my house, yet I have no patience with toddlers ~ :blink:

When my son left tonight, he did not wish me good luck, he wished the kids "good luck" ~ LOL

Don't worry, I don't hurt children, they just get on my nerves ~ :w00t:
Fantasy Football picks my a**. Your son just wanted to high tail it out of there and leave you with your hands full. Gee, wonder where the kids get their moves from. :blink: JK. Enjoy them Deb. They can be really cute and entertaining in the midst of all the crazy. Just be thankful you've got happy, healthy grandchildren and tell them if they ever call you grandma, you're disowning them. You're much too young and beautiful to be anyone's grandma. :thumbsup: We all know that. And dogs are easier:)
Love, love, love my grand kids, but a day of watching them, and I need a week of vacation! Wow! And twins! Girl, it makes dogs seem like a walk in the park!!
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