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I'm going to my first dog show in a few years. I'm leaving wednesday for a four day show in Lubbock,TX. I'm so excited I know when I get there my eyes will be gleaming with excitement. :D I'm going with my boss and two other people. This will be my first show to attend for work so wish me luck. We will be showing several dogs in the maltese class, as well as a few client dogs in other classes. It will be very fast paced and I hope I can keep up. I cant wait to see all of the beautiful dogs.
I hope there will be enough down time at the show to look around at the vendors and other dogs. I also get to stay with John since I will be in town. We are going to the tech game on Sat. with his mom since its parents weekend. I just wanted to share my joy. I will lets you guys know how it goes. This may be a turning point in my life where I deceide if I want to show dogs.
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