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Is your baby going up and down the stairs yet? My first one, Jasmine is 3 pounds as an adult but was going up and down from the time she was about 10 weeks. Treats are a great insentive for them to go down one stair at a time. My daughter and I placed a treat on the stair below her until she made it all the way down. It was so cute at that point. She realized she did it so she ran all the way to the top and ran all the way down. That is all it took.

Chester is now 14 weeks and 4 pounds. He is our bruser! :D The first night I had him home he followed us upstairs and then went down on his own. I'm not sure he had stairs before as when he got to the bottom he did the same thing. He ran up and down the stairs like it was new to him. Jasmine is only 3 pounds, but you should see that girl go when she goes up and down. Jumping is another matter and she doesn't jump up on anything. She just is too little.

Best of luck,
Joanne, Jasmine, and Chester
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