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I believe that Temperament and Health are more important than beauty when selecting a pet maltese. Does anyone have recommendations for me on which ethical breeders I could look at for a puppy that has a really good track record for healthy and well adjusted/socialized pups?

Because I have 3 small dogs and a couple have chronic health issues, not only do I want to try to get the healthiest dog possible (I know some things are out of our control and any dog can get sick) and the one with the nicest social, even, loving temperament to make a nice fit with my little pack.

My little 4.5 lbs CC Puff girl cost about $6000 in her first year of life, with surgeries, etc - she was a "give away." I should've known better, but then who knows what would've happened to her if she'd gone to a family that wouldn't or couldn't give her the care she needed. Well, hubby told me last night "I don't mind spending $6000, but I'd rather spend in on a healthy dog and not have the heartbreak of a sick dog right off the bat that's in/out of the hospital?"

So, I welcome suggestions on breeders that have proven healthy, well-adjusted dogs? We live in MN, so if we did have to fly to pick up a dog, I want to know I'd be getting what was described to me in terms of temperament and health.

Thank you VERY much for any thoughts you can share. And if you want to tell me who to steer clear of privately, feel free to do so either via "pm" or at [email protected].
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