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you might want to try this its incredible !! I have been having problems with maxi biting me and acting up when i put on his leash and coat he was running back and forth like a crazy boy when i went to put on his leash he would jump up and down on the couch off the couch biting me so on so forth well let me say this
i think my maxi is brilliant lol all it took was shaking a can of coins twice and ever since sunday all i have to say to him is im going to get the "COINS" he does what i want. when i went over my moms the other day i showed her when he started to run around like a luny bird she couldnt believe it so now when he starts to get out of hand i say " OK IM GETTING THE COINS" and he behaves its unbleievable
he knows where i have them and he will try and jump up to see if the can is there
im shocked because i was about to take him to this behavior specialist that grooms at my vet and so far so good
he has been wonderful that it shocked the Cr*p out of me shows me how smart he is and that he does this on purpose
anyway ill keep you posted
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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