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Originally posted by mylittlebella@Jan 10 2005, 07:25 PM
Lexi's mom...Bella does the same thing.  It's not biting but running her teeth. 

She's not being aggresive at all its just to get my attention.  She did just get spayed but she was doing this before.  She was trained and she knows to go on the wee wee pads but it's like she does it on purpose to get my attention.  For example, today I came home for lunch and I was in the kitchen making a sandwich.  When I went to the dining table, and there was Bella waiting for me right next to her pee.  As soon as she saw me she ran under the table.  It's like a game to her.  She knows she's in trouble but she likes being in trouble for the attention.

I hope this lady can tell me what I'm doing wrong so this little girl can start listening.  Ill keep you posted and let you know what she says.
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Bella sounds like me in HS. Of course, I wouldn't pee and sit next to it... I would smoke and wait for my mom to ask me if I was smoking... :new_Eyecrazy:
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