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Oh, reading about how little Bella progressed so quickly with her training is wonderful!
I was going to start a training class, but all of the other dogs were much bigger than Tavish, so we opted for in house private training. I researched many different styles of training, and felt that operant conditioning was the most suitable for Tavish, but it took a little while to find a trainer I felt was right. I started his training at about 4.5 months of age.
I definitely agree with JMM... she said, "The best methods are positive motivational ones."

These two books were very helpful:
1) Don't Shoot the Dog; Karen Pryor
2) The Other End of the Leash; Patricia McConnell
While Tavish is not incredibly food motivated, the training was a smashing success. Our "coach" taught me the necessary skills to train Tavish, and I use them everyday. She is also available to call any time we need help, and stopped in the other day to visit. (I think she fell in love with Tav and misses him
Good luck with the group training class... I wish we could have done that as Tavish doesn't really get to spend too much time with other dogs, and that would have been a wonderful opportunity for him to socialize more.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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