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Got peee smell in house?

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I cleaned my carpets this past Friday and I'm so surprised with the results. I have bought so many products that just didn't work with the peeee smell and I knew something just had to work. Guarantee....ya right

It's been 3 days and the smell is not back. I even cleaned my furniture from knee down (if Puddles, puddled in one spot, bet he puddled in another spot).

In my carpet cleaner I and mixed the following:

Mohawk Carpet Cleaning for Pet Odor & Soil Remover- 4 oz.

White Vinegar - 2 cups.

Finished filling the chamber with hot water.

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I am in that same boat. I have gotten a few products to try, hoping to find the right one. I also bought spray bottles for the vineger and water solution, and another water bottle for the peroxide/baking soda/dish soap solution. I noticed alot of the products in PetSmart have peroxide in them.

Next I have to buy the black light to spot urine stains the naked eye can't see. It was 20 bucks in PetSmart, didn't feel like spending the money along with the $77 dollars twice this week for products in there.

I still feel bad about secluding him in the kitchen...except when I am not here because I noticed him inspecting electrical cords and safety comes first. No electrical cords in Kitchen.

Well, if anyone finds a miracle pee neutralizer deffinitely list it. :new_Eyecrazy:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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