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Originally posted by Brittany Lot@Jun 20 2005, 02:12 AM
A breeder that I talked to said that oatmeal and other grains dried out the skin of malts and made them scratch.  Zoe's current food is not very good (Eukanuba small bites) and I'm trying to switch her over to something better (I'm thinking of Artemis small breed). 
However, a lot of the high quality foods have oatmeal as a main ingredient.
Is it really true that oatmeal could be drying to the skin?  I thought it was just the opposite. 
I'm very confused...should I avoid a food with oatmeal in it?
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I think unless a pooch is allergic to oatmeal there should be no problem. Using oatmeal externally in a bath is actually good for the skin.
My Missy is diabetic which would cause her to be prone to dry skin but vet advised giving DermCaps which is a fatty acid supplement ( Safflower oil, fish oil, Vitamin E, and borage seed oil).she is also on lasix for her heart which would also tend to dry her out.. but we have no problem with her skin being dry at all.
Terry and Missy
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