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There are so many programs out there but not one of them does all you want it to do. Each one has something you like that you cannot find in the other one. A lot depends also what you want to do with it.
Right now I have on my computer :

- Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 (never use it - tried to do collage with it, but I must be too stupid for that program because I still have not found out how to get multiple images in different layers).

- Printmaster : use it a lot to do labels, greeting cards, calendars... Easy to use but does not save your work in jpg extension. Has lots of clip art. Has frames.

- Jasc Paintshop Photoalbum : use it a lot. You can edit and enhance your pictures, do slide shows and dvd's with your pictures. Has frames. Does not do collage and does not have clip art.

- Microsoft Picture It Gold Edition 2001 : I finally installed that program in my new computer out of frustration not finding a program easy enough for me to do collages. You can do a lot with that program. Lots of clip art, frames. You can do collages, some animation. Edit and enhance your pictures. But don't know if the newer programs of Picture It do the same thing.

I donwloaded for free trial Fotofinish and Photomix. Fotofinish is as complicated as Photoshop elements to do collages and Photomix is very limited. So I uninstalled them.

Hope this helps
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